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last updated August 22, 2017

The purpose of this policy is to provide information related to the use of Brookfield soccer fields, as well as Brookfield Soccer Club (BSC) policies regarding the use of fields and the lights by outside organizations for soccer.
Due to the high demand for Brookfield soccer fields – by BSC, BSC premier, as well as outside Premier and Premier Development/Academy programs – BSC has adopted the following to assure that Brookfield residents receive priority and that outside Premier teams carry a fair share of the costs to support keeping the fields in good condition and field lighting.
These policies are intended as a guide. The BSC board may at their discretion, with board vote, modify or amend this policy at any time.

The fields overseen by BSC for soccer use include the following:
Facility (Address) Field Name
Brookfield Town Hall (100 Pocono Road) Horse Field, Upper Ptak, Lower Ptak*
Brookfield High School (45 Longmeadow Hill Road) Stadium Field*, Back Turf Field*
Brookfield Town Park (500 Candlewood Lake Road) Cadigan East*, Cadigan West*
Whisconier Middle School (17 West Whisconier Road) Whisconier
Huckleberry Hill Elementary School (100 Candlewood Lake Road) Huckleberry

*indicates lighted field
The hierarchy for field priority use is as follows:
1. Brookfield High School Varsity games and practices.
2. Brookfield High School JV games and practices.
3. Whisconier Middle School team games and practices.
The schedules for teams listed 1-3 are coordinated by the BSH AD, who may with notice to the BSC
Field Coordinator reserve field space as needed for Brookfield School teams.
4. BSC team Cup games – no priority for State or CT Cup.
5. BSC team League games – no priority based on league.
6. BSC team practice – no priority based on designation (including gender, age, league)
7. BSC team friendly games – no priority.
BSC teams are those that are registered and rostered through Brookfield Soccer Club.
8. Other club Premier team games and practices
9. Other club Development or Academy games and practices.
The priority for these other field assignments will be given to those with the greatest number of
Brookfield players on their roster. After that, by age oldest to youngest.
10. Other
This includes anything not listed above, or single use assignments.

BSC works in conjunction with the Brookfield Parks and Recreation Department and the Brookfield High School Athletic Department. Both the town and school have delegated the oversight for Brookfield fields for non-high school soccer use to BSC. Requests submitted directly to the town and/or school may be accepted directly, but such requests will be forwarded to BSC for response.
All outside soccer programs must receive BSC approval in advance to use Brookfield Soccer Fields. This applies to any organized activity, and the group must provide proof of insurance upon request.
Requests should be submitted in writing to field/[email protected] It is
recommended that all requests be submitted at least 30 days in advance of each season (Fall by August 1st; Spring by March 1st). Requests for summer field use for camps or other programs should be submitted by April 1st. requests with less notice will be accepted, however approval may be delayed. Regardless of the dates listed above, keep in mind that the BSC board meetings are scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of each month. BSC approval must be received in advance of any field use, so take into account the schedule for board meetings when submitting the request.
Outside programs should not publish or promote any activity that involves the use of Brookfield fields prior to receiving BSC approval for such use. To do so implies that BSC has already reviewed and approved the request, and could jeopardize approval for field use.

The request for field use should include the following information:
1. Team description – include club name, team age, team gender
2. Team management – include club contact, team contact, coach and manager information
The club contact should be the contact for billing purposes.
3. Roster – include player names, dob, town of residence
Teams with rosters that do not carry a minimum of 2 Brookfield residents may be declined field use.
4. League information – include league name and referee assignor
If the league does not have a designated referee assignor, officials will be assigned by BSC.
5. Desired field assignment – indicate grass/turf or if lights will be required
6. Desired practice days/times – include if there is flexibility in the request
7. Anticipated number of games – include detail regarding league, friendless, cup, etc.
If the schedule is available that should be included.
8. Proof of insurance, The board will review the request and decision will be made based on a variety of factors - # of Brookfield players, field availability, impact on Brookfield fields, conflict with BSC programming, prior history with the team or program, etc.. BSC reserves the right to decline field use to any outside team or program at their discretion.

ASSIGNMENT AFTER APPROVAL (practice fields, game assignments, light use)
Upon approval by the BSC board, the team contact will work with the BSC board members in charge of schedule practice field use (BSC Field Coordinator) and game and referee assignments (BSC Referee Coordinator). While the preference is for the complete game schedule to be received prior to the start of the season, requests must be made at least 7 days in advance. Premier programs are responsible for paying referees at the field.

Fees for the season at $50/non Brookfield resident. This includes 2 practices/week and 6 home games (including league, friendly, cup, etc.) during the season or pre-season. The fall season runs from the first week of September through the second week of November. The spring season runs from the first week of April through the second week of June. The dates may be adjusted due to weather or field conditions at the discretion of BSC. All games must have officials. Referee fees and lights are additional, as are more than 6 games and practices.
Referee Fees: per league is assigned by league assignor / per BSC if assigned by BSC assignor
Lights: $50/practice or game
Additional Game (above 6 home games): $50/game
Additional Practice Session (during pre-season or 3x/week in season): $50/session
Teams who make ongoing changes to the schedule during the season, or who violate the parking
regulations at Brookfield Town Hall, may be subject to additional surcharges.

BSC will consider ad-hoc requests from teams wishing to use a Brookfield field for single or multiple
training sessions or games. An approved roster and proof of insurance should accompany the request.

Fees for ad-hoc use of Brookfield fields are as follows:
Referee Fees: per league is assigned by league assignor / per BSC if assigned by BSC assignor
Lights: $50/practice or game
Games: $50/game
Practice Fields: $50/session
Teams who make changes to the schedule once set, or who violate the parking regulations at BrookfieldTown Hall, may be subject to additional surcharges.


Teams will receive a post season invoice which is due upon receipt. Failure to make payment to
Brookfield Soccer Club in full within 30 days of receipt of the invoice may result in the suspension of field
and light use privileges. Clubs, teams, or programs that have outstanding balances will not be permitted
to submit a request for consideration until all balances are paid in full.


There is no parking or idling permitted along the roadway at the Brookfield Municipal Center. Players
are not to be dropped off at the curb. All vehicles must be parked in a legal parking spot. It is the
responsibility of the team to enforce this rule with their parents. If any parents choose to violate and
drop and/or pick up curbside, the team may lose field privileges.

· Lower Ptak is reserved for night games on Friday evenings after 7pm. In general, teams will not
be allowed to schedule practices on Friday evenings on Lower Ptak after 7pm.
· BHS Fields may be available for practices during the spring, but use will be restricted to the BSC
BHS boys and girls high school age teams coordinating directly with the school through the high
school liaison.
· During the fall team schedules will shift due to the earlier darkness. Multiple teams may be
schedule to practice on Lower Ptak or Cadigan. Teams may be bumped (fully or to a later time
slot) based on the field use hierarchy.
· While all teams should be respectful of one-another, outside teams should remind their
managers, coaches, players and parents that they are guests on Brookfield fields and should act
accordingly. If any issues arise they should be brought to the attention of the BSC President
All teams are expected to comply with Town and BSC rules and expectations regarding Brookfield fields.
Any teams found to be not complying with any Town or BSC request may lose field privileges without
Any questions about this policy or about Brookfield Soccer Club, please feel free to contact the BSC
President ([email protected]).


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