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The name of the Club shall be “THE BROOKFIELD SOCCER CLUB, Inc.”

The purpose of the Club shall be the advancement of the highest sportsmanship principles, for the
children involved, through soccer; the promotion of Brookfield public interest and sentiment to
those ends; and the providing of soccer events as will promote these purposes. In no case will the
rules governing this Club be less restrictive than those of our affiliate organization(s).

Stated simply, anyone who is a “friend” of Brookfield Soccer may be considered a member.

A. See Attachment 1 for office, description and soccer knowledge required.
B. Terms of office shall be one calendar year.
C. Officers may be re-elected.
D. One officer may not hold more than one office simultaneously in any calendar year.
A. Elections of new officers shall take place by the end of the fall season, as provided in Article
4 (A) of the Bylaws. (Amended 10/90)
B. Any vacancies which may occur during the year may be filled by appointment of the
President and the approval of the Board.
C. A member of the Board who misses three (3) regular meetings without acceptable reason is
subject to dismissal from the Board. A member may have a substitute fill in for him/her at any
regular meeting, without voting rights. This substitution would not constitute a missed

The BSC constitution may be amended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members in
attendance at an open meeting of the general membership.

In the event the Club no longer serves the purpose as outlined in Article II, with unanimous
approval of the existing Board, the Club may be dissolved. All remaining Club assets will be
donated to the Town of Brookfield.


The name of this organization shall be “THE BROOKFIELD SOCCER CLUB, Inc.”,
hereafter known as BSC.

A. BSC is a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage Brookfield children the
highest ideals of sportsmanship through the game of soccer.
B. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these articles, the corporation is organized
exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in 501(c)(3) of the Internal
Revenue Code of 1954, and shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be
carried on by a corporation exempt from Federal income tax under 501(c)(3) or
corresponding provisions or any subsequent Federal tax laws.
C. No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of any
member, trustee, director, officer of the corporation, or any private individual (except
that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the
corporation), and no member, trustee, officer of the corporation or any private
individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any of the corporate assets
on dissolution of the corporation.
D. No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall be carrying on
propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation (except as otherwise
provided by IRC 501(h) and does not participate in, or otherwise intervene in
(including the publication of statements), any political campaign on behalf of any
candidates for public office.
E. In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and property of the corporation
shall after payment of necessary expenses thereof be distributed to such
organizations as shall qualify under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
of 1986.

The membership of the BSC shall be made up of the elected Board to administer the
Club’s goals, interested parents, friends, players and coaches. All members of the Club
must be residents or taxpayers of Brookfield. The membership shall not be closed to
anyone on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, or financial status.

A. The officers of the BSC shall be (see Attachment 1 for office and description). Their
term shall be for one (1) calendar year. The nomination of new officers shall be
requested by announcements for at least two (2) weeks in the Brookfield Journal and
general solicitation among the membership. Nominations must be received by the
nominating committee or chairman, in writing, at least two (2) weeks before the
election date, which must be published. The election shall take place at an open
membership meeting. Any office for which no nominations have been received can
be filled by nomination and vote at this meeting. Any office for which one (1)
nomination has been received must still be approved by the membership at this
meeting. If approval is not obtained, the position(s) must be filled by simple
nomination and vote at the next open membership meeting, to take place within three
(3) weeks. A Board member may not hold more than one (1) office simultaneously
in a calendar year. Additional Board positions may be established by a two-thirds
(2/3) vote of the Board. (Amended 10/90)
B. In the event the office of the President becomes vacant, the office of the President
shall be assumed by the Vice President.
C. Any vacancies which may occur during the year may be filled by appointment of the
President and approval of two-thirds (2/3) of those present at the next meeting of the

A. At minimum, meetings of the Board will be held before and after BSC registrations
to conduct scheduling and equipment purchasing business. Thereafter, meetings will
be scheduled as required by the President, and all members will be notified.
B. At minimum, two (2) meetings of the general membership, publicized in advance,
shall also be held.

The officers of the BSC shall constitute the Executive Board. At least two-thirds (2/3) of
the Executive Board shall be present in order to conduct Club business. Three (3) missed
meetings without acceptable reason will be cause for removal of a BSC Board member.
Such removal will be by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board members present at the next
scheduled meeting. The President shall notify subject Board member of the impending

Committees and chairpersons shall be appointed by the President for special projects as
deemed necessary.

Rules of order shall be of the simplest parliamentary procedures. Every effort should be
made to keep the time spent at meetings to a minimum.

Teams/team names shall bear no exclusive resemblance to a religion or nationality.

All games will be appropriately sanctioned or approved by either/both:
1. The BSC; or
2. The respective league(s)/organization(s) within which the Club participates;
3. All games (not regularly scheduled league games or scrimmages) with teams outside
the BSC shall be approved by the President.
4. All practice and game fields shall be approved by the President or Field Maintenance

Every effort will be made to balance team strengths within age groups, within reason, on
the basis of individual experience, proficiency, and geographic location, within the
guidelines established by the league in which the BSC operates.

Team age divisions will comply with the rules of the league(s) or organization(s) within
which the BSC is affiliated. Players shall play their own age group as long as a team
exists for them, except as provided in Article 13. (Amended 10/89)

ARTICLE 13 (Amended 5/03)
A. U8 to U13 players may "play up" one age division on Division 1 teams provided:
1. The player achieves a rank at least 4 for U9 and U10, or at least 6 for U11 to
U14 at tryouts for the age division the player desires to play up on. (Note: In
order to secure a position on an age appropriate team, a player must also attend
tryouts for that age appropriate team.)
2. All registered players can be placed on a team. (i.e., no registered player is
forced out of soccer)
3. No Division 2 team roster is forced to exceed 15 players for U9 and U10, or 22
players for U11 to U14 teams.
4. No Division 1 U9 or U10 roster is forced to more than 14 players or less than
11, and no Division 1 U11 to U14 roster is forced to more than 18 players or less
than 15 (per ARTICLE 16).
B. U8 to U13 players may "play up" one age division on Division 2 teams upon request
provided all registered players have a place to play.
C. For U14 and up players, requests to play up will be reviewed and approved by the
appropriate Board Members. While playing up is not restricted to one age division,
the ability and safety of the player will be considered, and conditions A2 and A4
above apply.
D. Provisions for "playing down" one age division will be made for "special children"
(if appropriate/requested) with specific agreement of the BSC, the parents/guardians
and coaches involved and such movement is within the guidelines of affiliated
E. All “requests” referred to in Items B, C and D above are to be made in writing to the
appropriate Division Commissioner.
F. Players may be placed on Division 1 or 2 teams by the appropriate Board Members
to complete teams and place the maximize number of registered players as possible.
Conditions A3 and A4 above apply. Player and parent approval is required.

Open player registration will be actively and aggressively conducted on a highly
organized and publicized basis prior to the beginning of each soccer season.

A. TRAVEL TEAMS (changed to: "Division 1/competitive" 9/82; further amended
Each player in Division 1 shall play a minimum of one-third of every game. In a 90
minute game, for example, the minimum playing time for each team member would
be 30 minutes.
A, B, C Divisions play ninety (90) minute games.
D Division plays eighty (80) minute games.
E Division plays seventy (70) minute games.
B. RECREATION TEAMS (changed to: "Division 2" 9/82; further amended 10/89)
As a member of the CJSA NW District, the Brookfield Soccer Club requires strict
compliance with the rule that every player in Division 2 play at least one half (1/2) of
every game.
C. Each player in Division 1 and Division 2 shall start at least two (2) non-tournament
games per season.
D. Each player shall participate in ninety (90) percent of every practice. This policy
assures the continued growth and development of both the players and the Club.
The minimum playing time can be waived for Cup games and tournament matches as
long as this possibility is communicated to all the players and parents prior to the
game. (Amended 10/89)

ARTICLE 16 (Amended 5/03)
Division 1 teams shall be assembled each seasonal year (fall and following spring) as
the result of competitive tryouts. Tryouts for the spring season will only be held as
needed due to Board approved roster size increases, player dropouts, or for U14
players that played high school soccer in the fall. Tryouts are not required for U15
and up teams. Players should be recommended by their coach/commissioner and
have parental approval and commitment. The teams shall consist of fifteen (15)
players minimum and a maximum of eighteen (18). Should not enough players be
available to form a team, age groups can be combined only for that seasonal year.

Because Division 1 is competitive, the following "commitment criteria" will be used:
If three (3) games are missed a player will be considered not to have the Division 1
Games are defined as:
1. Any regular or playoff league game.
2. Any tournament (the whole tournament is considered one game).
3. Any State Cup game.
After missing the third game (Division 1 Commissioner, Club Vice President and
Director of Coaches) will decide whether or not should be removed from the team.
NOTE: When a player is ill or unable to play or practice, the fact should be
communicated to the Division 1 coach so that there are no misunderstandings.
A. Poor school performance will not be considered a valid excuse for missing a game or
practice at the Division 1 level.
B. Practice - A Division 1 player will be expected to make at least one (1) full practice a
week. Failure to meet these criteria will result in removal from the team.
C. Player conduct and attitude - Every BSC player, especially Division 1 players, will
act in an orderly and responsible manner. Players will show respect to their coaches,
referees, and fellow players. Failure to meet these criteria will result in removal
from the team.

A. A "new team" shall be defined as a team consisting of players new to the Club,
players moving from in-house BSC teams, and/or players who have previously
played on other BSC travel teams.
B. New Division 1 teams can only be formed to begin play in the fall season.
Exception: If a U14 team could not be formed in the fall due to lack of players, a
new U14 team may be formed in the spring if the availability U14 high school soccer
players from the fall makes it possible. (Amended 5/03)
C. Upon determination that a new travel team will be formed, the Board will place an
appropriate notice in the local newspaper for two (2) consecutive weeks, announcing
that a new travel team is being formed and that interested coaches should apply to
the Board.
D. Any prospective coach interested in forming a new team must take the following
1. Alert the President of the Club of his or her intention,
2. Complete the Club's Application to Coach a Travel Team and return that
application to the Club's President,
3. Present his or her intentions at a scheduled meeting of the Club's Board of
Directors (optional),
4. Must have an "F" or equivalency license (NW District requirement).
E. At that meeting, or at a subsequent meeting if the Board so decides, the Board will
determine the following:
1. Whether the prospective coach, the Board, or both are to canvas for players;
2. Whether the formation of the new travel team will disrupt any existing travel
3. Ultimately, whether a new travel team will be formed.
For all these issues, the Board shall have final right of determination for all teams
being formed under the sanction of the BSC.
F. After the public notification that a new travel team will be formed, the Board shall, at
its sole discretion, determine the head coach of the new travel team. The new head
coach will have the right to pick his or her own assistants. The Board shall use the
following criteria for evaluation and eventual selection of prospective coaches:
1. Soccer (and/or other sport) coaching experience, including coaching licenses,
previous coaching work, etc.
2. Previous Club involvement.
3. Soccer playing experience, or other involvement in sport (e.g., referee).
4. Personal references.
5. Discussions and presentations to the Board of the coaching philosophy, plans
and goal.

President * Shall serve as chief executive of BSC and at all meetings of the General
membership and Executive Board.
* Shall, with the advice of the Board, select chair persons for any
necessary committees and may serve as a member of any board.
* Shall draft an appropriate number of newsletters per year.
* Shall have ultimate responsibility for coordination between BSC,
Parks and Recreation, and other league affiliated clubs.
* Is responsible for locating, obtaining and approving practice and
game fields.
* Shall attend league president meetings and report league news as
an item of business at the Board meetings.
* Shall annually audit or have audited the financial records of BSC.
Vice President * Shall attend all BSC general and Board meetings and serve as General
Acting President when the President is unavailable. If the office
of President becomes vacated, the Vice President will assume the
office of the President and appoint a new Vice President to be
approved by the Board.
* Shall be in charge of player registration (sign-up through
registration with affiliated league) and coordinate registration
with the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Coaches
and Referees, and Commissioners.
* Shall be in charge of ways and means, establishing committee,
and seeing that all fundraising projects are completed and funds
are remitted to the Treasurer.
Secretary & * Shall keep a record of all proceedings of the BSC - usually called None
Public Relations minutes. A copy of all minutes shall be given to the President.
* Shall make the minutes available to members upon request, at a
reasonable time and place.
* Shall keep on file all committee reports.
* Shall conduct the general correspondence of the BSC, which is
not a function proper to other offices or committees.
* Shall notify absent Board members of the time and place of the
next meeting.
* In the absence of the President and Vice President, shall call the
meeting to order and preside until the election of a chairperson
pro tem, which should take place immediately.
* Shall have newsletter printed.
* Shall obtain available locations for BSC meetings and provide
publicity for BSC functions as deemed necessary.
* Shall be responsible for compiling information received from the
team reporters regarding game statistics to be submitted for
weekly newspaper releases.
Treasurer * The Treasurer is in charge of all funds and revenues of the BSC. None
* Will work on a committee with the President and Vice President
to develop an annual budget for the Board elect and Parks and
* Will maintain checking and savings account in such a manner
as to be able to report to the BSC Executive Board at each
meeting the status of the BSC account. A copy of this report
will be given to the President at the meeting and made available
to any Board member upon request.
Director of * Shall work with the league officials designated by the league to General
Coaches & arrange for clinics and training materials.
Referees * Shall work closely with commissioners to ensure that there are
sufficient number of qualified coaches.
* Shall set up schedule for practice fields and times in accordance
with coaches availability.
* Shall verify referees services and authorize payment.
* Shall coordinate rescheduling of any make-up games deemed
* Shall be responsible for any researching and reporting to the
President any infractions or injuries which may occur.
Division * Obtain coaches and form teams in their division, working closely Minimal
Commissioners with the other BSC commissioners and the Director of Coaches
and referees.
* Complete and maintain rosters as per league rules. Submit
complete rosters to Vice President after registration.
* Shall arbitrate any problems when requested by a parent or coach.
* Shall contact President concerning problems that cannot be
resolved by other means.
Equipment * Determine equipment requirements and cost, and purchase as Minimal
Manager necessary with Board approval.
* Distribute equipment to coaches as required.
* Collect and store all remaining equipment at the end of season
and maintain inventory control , i.e., balls, bags, nets, first aid kits.
Field * Insure playing fields are in safe playing condition, properly marked, Minimal
Maintenance nets are set-up and taken down after games, and fields equipment is
accounted for.
* Shall immediately notify President or Vice President of any unsafe
field condition. If unable to contact President or Vice President
notify Director of Coaches and Referees.
* Shall work with President to obtain and approve practice and game
* Shall make periodic field inspections with President or Vice President,
player safety being the first priority.
* Purchase any necessary maintenance supplies to fulfill his
responsibilities and submit all receipts to the Treasurer for

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