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CJSA Background Check
  ALL adults who are on a BSC Travel Roster or...
Online Coaching Curriculum
   Soccer Extreme, in partnership with UK International...
The Rules of Soccer
  For those interested in browsing the complete...
CJSA Background Check

ALL adults who are on a BSC Travel Roster or coaching or working with an in-house (U6, 8) team MUST complete a CJSA Backgroud Check.

Click here to begin the CJSA Background Check

Online Coaching Curriculum

Soccer Extreme, in partnership with UK International Soccer Camps, has provided BSC with access to their online coaching curriculum. 

Three types of age-specific curriculum are offered:

  1. An Activity:  Find a specific activity to supplement your existing practice session plan.
  2. An Entire Session:  Download an entire session plan that includes 4 different progressive activities.
  3. Advanced Curriculum:  Find more challenging technical and tactical coaching activities that are designed for the more serious, older soccer players.

Click here for instructions on accessing the curriculum on the UK International website

You will need a password to download the curriculum.  To obtain the password, send an email to or .

The Rules of Soccer
For those interested in browsing the complete rules of soccer, here's a link to FIFA's Laws of the Game page (which includes a link to a nice explanation of the offsides rule).



CJSA Background Check-  Click here to visit the CJSA website to begin the CJSA Background Check. Must be completed by all club volunteers once every 3 years.

Adobe PDF file Coach Background Checks *-  Listing of CJSA background checks and drivers' licenses on file for BSC coaches.

Adobe PDF file End-of-Season Report *-  Coaches must submit Travel Team End of Season reports within two weeks after the close of each season.

Microsoft Word file Game Evaluation Checklist *-  The attached checklist should be used by game assessors when evaluating Division 1 travel teams. The assessors should discuss their ratings and observations with the head coach immediately following the game. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify team strengths and areas for improvement. All comments should be constructive in nature.

Microsoft Word file Injury Report *-  Click here to obtain forms for reporting player injuries on the CJSA website in the 'Insurance Forms' section.

Microsoft Word file Supplemental Training Request *-  For scheduling extra professional trainer sessions for a Travel Team.

Microsoft Word file Trainer Evaluation Form *-  Evaluation of the team's professional trainer, to be filled out by the coach at the end of the season.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.